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What Are the Top Five Questions You Should Ask Your Auto Mechanic?

It’s essential to select the right auto repair shop for you and your vehicle, and at European Autowerks, we are honored to be the right facility for drivers throughout the regions of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake. To earn our clients’ loyalty, our auto mechanics and the rest of our team were always willing to answer any and all of their questions. Here are the top 5 questions that we are asked and that you should be asking your auto mechanic:  1. What is your warranty? We proudly back all of our work with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on all parts and labor. It is our goal to take the mystery out of auto repair and gain your trust by operating transparently. We invite you to ask questions, and we will do our best to explain our process and methodologies.  2. Do you have a training program for your technicians? It’s important to us at European Autowerks to be educated on the most cutting edge technology hitting the automotive world. That’s ... read more

What Happens When The Alternator Dies?

The auto mechanics at European Autowerks, local to Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, are experts at the service and repair of alternators. At our auto repair shop, we know all about your car’s alternator, and we are here to tell you what happens when that critical piece of machinery dies.  The alternator in your vehicle converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The battery is the primary source of power to start your automobile, but it is the alternator that maintains your battery’s charge and provides the energy to run all of your vehicle's electrical components.   When an alternator dies, it stops recharging the battery, and when this happens, the vehicle is running entirely on the battery. When the battery dies, the car dies no matter where it happens to be, similar to how a flashlight battery dies, and it no longer lights. Obviously, this situation is “no bueno” so let’s talk about a few of the warning signs that yo ... read more

What Does a Preventive Maintenance Multi-Point Inspection Include?

The team of auto mechanics at European Autowerks provides a preventive maintenance multi-point inspection to drivers throughout Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake. When you arrive at our auto repair shop, our team will typically perform this inspection to secure the safety and longevity of your vehicle.    Our team of auto mechanics at European Autowerks want you to walk away from our multi-point inspection, feeling educated about your vehicle and its performance. Our inspection is simply the best way to discover any potential problems with your car. It is also an excellent way to monitor your vehicle's systems and ensure everything is operating as it should.     Depending on the make and model of your car, the “points” of inspection might vary, but typically, when performing a preventative maintenance multi-point inspection, our auto mechanics at European Autowerks will check the following:   • Fluids: Your fluids are esse ... read more

Which is Cheaper? Maintaining Your Current Vehicle or Buying a New Car?

Your car is one the largest investments you will make in your lifetime, only second to your home. When it comes to purchasing a new investment or keeping the current one, it helps to hear the opinion of the experts, specifically the auto mechanics at European Autowerks. As the trusted source for auto repair in both Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, we have a few words of wisdom regarding the subject.  Hands down maintaining your current vehicle are less expensive than buying a new car. However, keeping up with preventative maintenance is undoubtedly key to keeping your vehicle running in tip-top shape. Without a doubt, taking good care of your current car is much less costly than obtaining a new car payment, even coupled with the cost of maintenance. For example, also if you find yourself with a major repair, such as a transmission repair, it is much less than purchasing a new car. Additionally, the cost of insurance on a new vehicle would be higher as well.   I ... read more

Visual Inspection vs. Computer Inspection: Which Is Better?

The auto mechanics at European Autowerks are known for the comprehensive inspections they provide to drivers throughout Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake. At our auto repair shop, you can count on top-notch service both in and out of the garage. However, which inspection, visual or computer, do our auto mechanics prefer? Keep reading to find out the answer.  There’s a heavy debate on whether computer inspections of your vehicle are more astute than a visual inspection performed by an auto mechanic. At European Autowerks, we recognize the merits of both inspections, which is why we utilize both systems by one another. We use a system of checks and balances if you will, to monitor your vehicle’s condition.  Automobiles manufactured post-2000 have a minimum of 17-20 sensors that are monitoring your engine’s performance and storing that data that will be downloaded and analyzed. By allowing the computer to search for potential problems systematically, we ... read more

Why Are Pre-Purchase Inspections Important?

Before signing on the dotted line, save yourself a lot of headaches, heartaches, and dollars by letting the auto mechanics at European Autowerks perform a pre-purchase inspection on the automobile that has set your heart thumping. Bring your vehicle to European Autowerks, local to Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, and let one of our ASE-Certified auto mechanics run a fine tooth comb over your potential car. There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing that your new car is a lemon and is need of auto repair. We will perform a multi-point inspection, and let you know exactly what is going on under the hood, in the cabin, and all around.   It is not uncommon for used cars to be behind on their maintenance schedules - especially if the vehicle has been out of warranty for some time. In many cases, these cars are in need of some auto repair with the average cost running well up to $2500.00. By discovering this early in the negotiation, you can not only save yourse ... read more

What’s the Difference Between a Major and a Minor Service?

Most vehicles come with a maintenance schedule for both major and minor services. At European Autowerks, near Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, our auto mechanics are trained on the intricacies of your finely engineered automobile. Our team will do everything in their power to keep you safely motoring down the highway and avoiding costly, unnecessary auto repairs.   To do so, we highly recommend keeping an eye on the little things; your minor services. These include oil changes, replacing your air filters and cabin filters, installing new windshield wiper blades annually or biannually, and having your tires rotated and balanced on a routine basis. These minor services can save you hundreds if not thousands, not to mention keeping you worry-free.   Major services, aka “the big things,” are services that fall outside of just general maintenance. However, these major services can be less painful, if our ASE-Certified auto mechanics at European Auto ... read more

Why European Autowerks Supports Local Charities and Community Events in Virginia Beach, VA

Eric Svedberg grew up in the communities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, and is proud to call Virginia Beach home. Eric recognizes that without customers like you, he wouldn’t be poised to open his newest auto repair facility, European Autowerks. He and his team of auto mechanics are honored to be serving the communities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk & Chesapeake for more than 20 years now. It is for this reason that Eric is committed to giving back.  European Autowerks supports local charities and community events in Virginia Beach and the surrounding communities of Norfolk and Chesapeake. Eric and his team of auto mechanics recognize that they do more than just fix cars. They love their customers and their community and are committed to supporting the needs of others.   At European Autowerks, when you refer someone to our auto repair shop, we will joyfully donate to the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters on your behalf. We real ... read more

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