What Happens When The Alternator Dies?

The auto mechanics at European Autowerks, local to Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, are experts at the service and repair of alternators. At our auto repair shop, we know all about your car’s alternator, and we are here to tell you what happens when that critical piece of machinery dies. 

The alternator in your vehicle converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The battery is the primary source of power to start your automobile, but it is the alternator that maintains your battery’s charge and provides the energy to run all of your vehicle's electrical components.  

When an alternator dies, it stops recharging the battery, and when this happens, the vehicle is running entirely on the battery. When the battery dies, the car dies no matter where it happens to be, similar to how a flashlight battery dies, and it no longer lights. Obviously, this situation is “no bueno” so let’s talk about a few of the warning signs that your alternator is beginning to fail.  

Since all of your electrical components are run off the energy created by the alternator, one sign that your alternator is failing is that your power windows and power seats will operate more slowly than usual, along with dimmed headlights. Because the battery is no longer being charged properly, there just isn’t enough energy to keep your lights beaming.  

All of your vehicles onboard computers and sensors rely on the alternator to provide electrical energy. Additionally, your ignition system and fuel systems are also dependant on the alternator for power and will begin to operate erratically or malfunction entirely, causing your engine to stall.  

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs of a failing alternator, please bring your vehicle by European Autowerks for an inspection. Our experienced auto mechanics know how to determine the cause of your vehicle’s electrical-related problems. 

As the go-to choice for auto repair amongst drivers in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, you can expect to receive exceptional service. Not only are our technicians experts at what they do, but they are also committed to honesty and transparency. Schedule an appointment today, or stop by at 5461 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA 23462. 

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